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Exhibition Name: The 49th Word Medical Forum International Exhibition and Conference

Date: 13th,Nov. -16th, Nov. 2017
Hall Number: 7.1
Booth Number: 71F50-7
Address: Messe Dusseldorf,Germany


Research Center of medical magnetic heat registered good news

According to Anhui Food and Drug Administration approval, our company's medical magnetic heat patch have awarded production approve documents. Based on” External treatment for Internal disease “ theory,developed by China Pharmaceutical University, our medical magnetic-heat patch well reputed by hospital experts and patients since 2012 used for more than 100 famous hospitals in China like People's Liberation Army General Hospital (301 Hospital), Beijing Sino-Japanese Friendship Hospital etc. Widely used in the market, our magnetic heat patch provided the most safety,effectiveness and convenient ways for Department of Gynecology and Obstetrics.

Registered number of approval: WANXIEZHUZHUN 20152260170

Product name: Medical Magnetic-Heat patch Type A Type B


(Type A) Medical magnetic-heat patch for Gynecology inflammation , suitable for pains and discomfort caused by dysmennorrhea,Irregular menstruation,Annexitis, Postpartum recovery.

Type B)Medical magnetic-heat patch for stomach, suitable for stomach cold,gastritis,stomachache and discomfort caused by abdominal fullness and distention.