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XueshanGubao medical heat patch theory and clinical use on department of Rheumatism Bone Injuries –quote from 1st stage, 2009

    Chinese Medicine studies show: Rheumatism pain is mainly caused by blockage of channels. Catch cold will lead the shrinkage of blood vessels, pore and nervous tissue.

    If it is the local short-term cold of the patient , physiological cycle will return to normal, if prolonged cold is difficult to recover, it will cause contraction of nerve compression, choroidal occlusion, local acid cold and pain, and even local nutritional deficiencies and atrophy .

    For muscle tendon injury, sprain and contusion , bone hyperplasia and pain after bone injury, Chinese medicine practitioners believe that the main part of the human tissue (muscle, tendons, bones) fatigue and damage after mutation lead to part of the blood vessels, pores and Nerve tube narrowing, or even blocked, and poor blood circulation, poor supply of nutrition and calories, lesion retention, Germs spread .

    Chinese Medicine study and research shows that the suitable temperature can dredge the human tissues, promote the recovery of physiological function s. T raditional Chinese medicine Moxibustion  and western medicine diatherymy is also for the purpose of promote circulation and smooth Collaterals . This is the theory of Promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis  , expelling wind and cold,relieve swelling and pain in Chinese medicine . Human body temperature is an important index for life. Human body main organs itself can adjust the body temperature around 37 degrees centigrade. 3 d egrees centigrade difference from 37 degrees can effect the human health. In Chinese Medicine therapy treatment, higher temperature is easily burn, or can not get the good performance as the poor blood vessels and pores expansions if therapy temperature is too low.

    It is the obstruction that causes the pain, which is the essence of theory of Chinese medicine. Regarding this point, China pharmaceutical university developed a new medical use hot compress patch Xueshangubao based on advanced abroad constant temperature heating technology. It is through strengthen rheumatism and the microcirculation  of the bone injuries area, promote local metabolism , the Collateral  and nerve will be unobstructed, complement ary   nutrients and heat energy, eliminate the affected part, achieving unobstruction without pains, speed up recovery. It can Warming and activating meridian ,  Promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis  , expelling wind and cold,relieve swelling and pain,help patients back to good health.

•  XueshanGubao medical heat patch is recommended as appointed product by Gerontological Society of   China.

    XueshanGubao is exactly effective on Rheumatic joint pain, cervical spondylosis, aching in the loins and legs, and soft tissue injury.

    For example: 1. Rheumatism arthralgia 33 cases totally, 13 cases (39.39%) were clinically cured, 18 cases (54.55%) were effective, 2 cases were ineffective (6.06%). The total effective rate was 93.94%. Clinical trials observed in patients with body temperature, pulse, respiration and blood pressure was normal and no skin itching, edema and other allergic reactions.

    2. low back pain and soft tissue injury 35 cases: clinical cure in 11 cases (31.43%), effective in 22 cases (62.86%), ineffective in 2 cases (5.71%), the total effective rate 94.29%. Analysis of the results: the waist and leg tenderness and soft tissue injury of the lumbar tenderness, muscle tension, back pain have a certain improvement in the treatment, the statistical treatment p <0.05. ①

    32 cases of cervical spondylosis: clinical cure in 2 cases (6.67%), effective in 24 cases (80%), 4 cases (13.33%), 5 days as a whole course of treatment, observed 3 courses, the total effective rate of 86.67%. (P <0.01) .Conclusion: Xueshan Baogao medical thermal patch is effective on the treatment of cervical pain (nerve root type), cervical spondylolisthesis, The treatment of patients with exact, no obvious side effects. ②  

    XueshanGubao medical patches has achieved exact treatment result by two years clinical observation in first affiliated hospital of Anhui medical university and Anhui provincial hospital, provided hard-won experiences and data.