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Exhibition Name: The 49th Word Medical Forum International Exhibition and Conference

Date: 13th,Nov. -16th, Nov. 2017
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The main antibacterial gel Fukexin adopt plant extracts, natural pharmaceutical ingredients, the main active ingredients has a wide range of bactericidal and bacteriostatic effect, can prevent pathogens caused by inflammation, have a strong anti-inflammatory activity, Candida virus , Staphylococcal infection and other dozens of common pathogens creatures have obvious killing and inhibition effect.

Fukexin has the function of promoting tissue regeneration, immune regulation and so on. It can enhance the body's resistance to bacteria and virus infection by stimulating the immune system of the body, and has the effect of antibiotics. It has no side effect and suitable for long-term treatment. Bacteria and viruses caused by a variety of gynecological diseases.

The effective ingredients of theFukexin in the vaginitis, cervicitis, cervical erosion and other gynecological diseases with broad-spectrum antibacterial, bactericidal strong, no drug resistance; promote cervical erosion of the wound healing, hemostatic pain, no irritation, lasts long effect, European and American Pharmacopoeia raw materials, natural drug ingredients non-toxic side effects, dosing device injection, easy to use and health.

Fight bacterium diminish inflammation

Repair mucous membrane

promote healing

Safety and effective

Specification of Medical Antibacterial Gel (I)
Product name: medical antibacterial gel Ⅰ

Model name: FukeXin

Application: Suitable for bacterial vaginitis, trichomonas vaginitis, colpomycosis, mixed vaginitis, cervicitis, cervical erosion.

Usage & dosage: The product belongs to gynecologic inflammation biological dressing. Please use following procedures or doctor's advice .Before use , clean vulva .Remvoe the pusher's front cover and the pushing rod inserted from the end, insert the pusher deep into vagina or till produce a sense of urination ,push the rod to leave the gel into vagina. Take out and discard the pusher. One gel for each time and use lasts at least seven consecutive days.

Specification: Type I 3g/unit

1. For vaginal use only. Oral intake is prohibited.
2. The one-off product shall be destroyed or discarded after use.  
Damaged outer package prohibits use.
3. Small amount of colloidal material flow is normal during the use. A  
sanitary pad is recommended.
4. The product shall be kept out of the reach of children.

1. Patient with allergic constitution.
2. During menstrual period.  
3. Virgin and pregnant women.
4. Patient with pelvic inflammation.
Storage: in shade, closed, cool and dry place.    

Expiry date: 2 years

Medical instrument registration certificate number:Certification No.2260026
issued by Anhui Food and Drug Administration in the year of 2014  
Medical instrument production permit number: AFDSILN 20090185
Manufacturer: Anhui Huike Bio-Engineering Technology Co., Ltd