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Exhibition Name: The 49th Word Medical Forum International Exhibition and Conference

Date: 13th,Nov. -16th, Nov. 2017
Hall Number: 7.1
Booth Number: 71F50-7
Address: Messe Dusseldorf,Germany


FUCOSO—Medical magnetic-heat patch



Warming uterus for dispelling cold

Dispersing stasis and resolving masses

Warming meridian/channel and relieving stagnation

 Harmonizing qi-blood



*Postpartum recovery


*Pelvic inflammation

*Painful menstruation

*Irregular menstruation


Medical theory:

In Chinese Medicine , ‘when there is stoppage, there is pain', most of the pains and disease caused by blockage of blood circulation in human body and   Meridian Obstruction  Fukeshu is developed on the theoretical basis of “ External treatment for internal diseases”, which has double functions of Thermotherapy  and magnetotherapy .

Magnetic thermotherapy is to stimulate the basic specific parts on human body with the sustained strengthen and heat of the magnetic filed for a sustained time to achieve the purpose of disease prevention and treatment.

Firstly, it take advantages of the sustained magnetic field intensity  to enhance the vitality of leukocytes, make the leukocyte devourer active. Then it is the heat stimulation make the topical skin congestion , promote the capillaries extension, strengthen partial blood circulation and  Lymphatic Circulation,  Relieving spasms of the smooth muscle, strengthen the etabolic capacity of local skin tissues, acclerate the dissipation and assimilation of pathological products such as inflammations ,adhesions , effusions and hematomas. Besides, it ca n lead to the diffusion of inhibitory in the  cerebral cortex , reducing the excitability of the nervous system and having mitigating and analgesia effects. Mean while ,the combined effect of magnetic filed and heat can facilitate absorption of drugs. Under function of warming and activating channels, recuperating depleted yang and relieving prostration, promoting Qi to active blood and regulating Yin and Yang, good direction of deficiency-syndrome , safe and reliable .



•  Cooperate with China Pharmaceutical University research and developed, effective drugs can be absorbed by local affected area, stop pain rapidly.

2. Magnetotherapy, Thermotherapy and medical therapy triple in 1 treatment, perfect and exact result.

3 . Under physical therapy Constant temperature interval, heating up to 15-18 hours, function time lasting long, safe and reliable

5. Products have been declared invention patent.



•  Tear the outer bag and take out the inner bag, gently pinch or shake a few minutes, it will be gradually emit heat. When you feel the inner bag is hot, gently flatten the patch to discharge the air. Affix the colored surface to the skin, fixed to the Qihai   acupoint(which is 1.5 inches away under the navel). The p atch temperature will gradually increase to the physical therapy temperature and will be kept at a uniform temperature after one hour. Change a new piece once it losts its heat . Sustained usage will be much more better effect. Do a slight massage on the treatment area when use is also better for the treatment. It is a normal phenomenon if there is material lump of the inner bag, you can knead the lump and continues to use the patch until it doesn't emit heat any more.


2.The temperature will increase after 1 hour, especially in case of better insulation and less heat dissipation(Such as summer or sleeping), you'd better move the patch at treatment area and wipe the sweat in time, which is conductive to sweating continually.


•  In order to protect the skin from burn, it is necessary to put a cloth between the patch and skin if you feel much too hot. If feel hot energy is not enough after one hour treatment, you can pierce dozens of tiny holes with a needle on the colorless side of the patch. More holes, higher temperature(This approach is adopt only after the above situations is confirmed).

Recommended dosage(Please follow the doctor's advice)

Postpartum recovery : 30 pieces

Annexitis and Pelvic inflammation : 20 pieces

Dysmenorrhea and irregular menstruation : 10 pieces


Patch size : 10cm*13cm

Packing : 1 piece in one bag

      4 bags into one box

    50 boxes in one carton


1.In fants, patients with dementia, or people who have a fever, burns, scalds, scratches or allergies etc. forbidden to use.

2. Patients implanted with a heart pacemaker or a metal foreign body on a body part forbidden to use.

3. Patients with a severe heart, liver, lung or kidney failure forbidden to use.

4. Patients who are bleeding or have bleeding tendency forbidden to use.


Storage: Store in shade, cool and dry place.   

Expiry date: 2 years

Medical device registration Certificate No.: WXZZ20152260170

Patent No.:201020250174.0 Patent No.:201130346762.4

Manufacturer: Anhui Huike Bio-engineering Technology Co.,Ltd