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Exhibition Name: The 49th Word Medical Forum International Exhibition and Conference

Date: 13th,Nov. -16th, Nov. 2017
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Shubikang adopt natural marine biological materials, the active ingredient does not contain hormones, ephedrine, long-term use does not produce drug resistance, without any side effects.

The main ingredients in this product has effect on anti-inflammatory, sensitive, antibacterial. Approved by designated clinical drug trial base clinical test by the Food and Drug Administration , m edical physiological seawater flusher ShubiKang contains bio-active ingredients, can eliminate the edge of the inflammatory response , improve the traumatic tissue around the microcirculation, prevention and control the wound infection. It can activate and promote the organization's cell repair regeneration, restore respiratory tract mucosa, kill pathogenic microorganisms effectively , achieved swelling reduction and restore nasal function.

Wide range of applications: acute, chronic, allergic rhinitis; nasal cavity caused by nasal dryness, nasal congestion, nasal itching, nasal bleeding and other nasal discomfort symptoms; nasal wound cleaning and daily care.

broad-spectrum  antimicrobial

Prevent infection

Cells repair

Promote healing

General product name : Medical Physiologic Seawater Flusher

Product name: ShubiKang

Scope of application: Relieve the discomfort symptoms such as mycteroxerosis, nasal obstruction, rhinocnesmus, running nose, epistaxis and so on, which is caused by acute, chronic, anapylactic rhinitis and post-operation of nasal cavity.

Usage & dosage: The product is a biological dressing for ear-nose-throat department. Please following the usage procedures or doctor's advice .

1.Open the dustproof cover ,head back up-dip . Put the nozzle into the nostril, then press the hand pump gently. 2.Spray on each side of the nostril 4-8 drops, keep it 2-6 times one day. Erase the nose secreta and redundant physiologic seawater with the tissue. 3.Clean the nozzle and put on the dustproof cover.

Specification: 25g/bottle

1. Patient with large area of wound in the nasal cavity is prohibited.
2. Patient with severe sodium chloride dysbolism and allergy is prohibited.

1. Spray on the small wound surface and wound directly.  
2. The children should use it with the adult's help (When children use it, the nozzle does not need to be put in the nostril).Follow the doctor's advice during use.
3. This product does not contain antiseptic substance, antibiotics and hormone.It should be used as soon as possible after unsealing.
4. Pay attention to personal sanitary , and don't cross use.

Storage: Shading  , airtight, put at cool-dry places

  Period of validity  :Two years

Medical instrument registration certificate No.:(Anhui) Food and drug administration (Zhun) issued by the year 2014. No.2640037  

Medical instrument registration certificate No.: (Anhui) Food and drug administration production No.20140014

Manufacture: Anhui Huike Bio-engineering Technology Co.,Ltd