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Exhibition Name: The 49th Word Medical Forum International Exhibition and Conference

Date: 13th,Nov. -16th, Nov. 2017
Hall Number: 7.1
Booth Number: 71F50-7
Address: Messe Dusseldorf,Germany



【 Commodity name 】 ShengzhiYuan

【 Product name 】 Compound Herba cynomorii Bacteriostatic Ointment

【 Ingredients 】 The main ingredients including cynomorium songarium, Herba Epimedii , Fructus Cnidii , Angelica sinensis , Curculigo orchioides and Herba Cistanches etc.

【 Charactor 】 This product is dark brown or pale brown Ointment.

【 Features 】 Clean and antibacterial, eliminate odor?relieve itching , nourishing and warming kidney-yang . Have the function of anti-virus, insecticide, activating blood circulation , enhance immune regulation and strengthening and nourishing marrow and essence.

【 Application 】 Used for men clean and daily health care before sex life, can relieve sexual intercourse fatigue, prevent cross-infection, have antibacterial effect of staphylococcus aureus , Candida albicans and Escherichia coli.

【 Specification 】 12g/piece

【 Usage 】 Wash the male genital area with water, 2-3g each time, use the cream applied to the penis body, foreskin lateral, glans, perineum and scrotum on both sides, function more than 6 hours, after important active ingredients fully absorbed, clean right smear part. Continuely use more than 7 days effect is much more better.

【 Taboos 】 The product is for external use, can not oral, can not contact the eyes; minors and hypersexuality is forbidden use.

Original producing area genuine medicinal material , has exact treatment result .

[ Cynomorium songaricum ] Kidney-nourishing and essence-enriching . Moistening ; moisturizing dryness-syndrome . Mainly function on Impotence and spermatorrhea , soreness and weakness of waist and knees, intestinal dryness with constipation .

[Epimedium] warming and recuperating the gate of life , replenishing essence and Qi, strong iliacus muscle , nourishing kidney and tonic yang . Clinical treatment of men with Erectile Dysfunction, spermatorrhoea and Premature ejaculation, fecal and urine incontinence ,woman Infertile etc. Modern medical research indicates that Herba Epimedii contain Icariin , essencial oil, ceryl alcohol , phytosterol , tannins, vitamin E and other ingredients. Can excitement Sexual function , promote sperm secretion.

[ Fructus Cnidii ] Nourishing kidney and tonic yang , dampness removal, expelling wind, insecticide. Used for impotence, uterus cold, cold and dampness walk off. Also used for women vulvovaginal eczema, Pruritus Vulvae and also trichomonal vaginitis.

[ Angelica sinensis ] Protect the kidneys, improve Renal ischemia Glomerular filtration and renal tubule reabsorption functions. Reduce renal damage, promote recovery of renal tubular lesion . Can Enrich the blood , active the hematopoietic micro-environment in the macrophages and lymphocytes, etc., stimulate muscle tissue, promote its generation of hematopoietic regulatory factors. Angelica sinensis has a significant anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory effect, can promote local congestion, leukocyte and fiber infiltration, neonatal epithelial regeneration, can hemostasis and strengthen the Capillary blood circulation.

【 Curculigo orchioides 】 Nourishing kidney and tonic yang , eliminate cold dampness. Mainly used for impotence and cold, urine incontinence , abdominal cold and pain, soreness and weakness of waist and knees , weakness gluten, Limb Spasm and Climacteric syndrome .

[ Herba Cistanches ] Nourishing kidney and tonic yang , benefiting life essence and nourishing blood, smoothing intestine and relieving constipation . Mainly used for deficiency of the kidney-yang , impotence, spermatorrhea , white turbidity, urinary frequency and endless, low back pain and weak foot, tinnitus and dizzy , menstruation delay, infertility of cold uterus, intestinal dryness with constipation

Reference :Ming Dynasty-Shizhen Li.< Compendium of Materia Medica >