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Exhibition Name: The 49th Word Medical Forum International Exhibition and Conference

Date: 13th,Nov. -16th, Nov. 2017
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     China Pharmaceutical University experts approved that medical antibacterial gel Zhenbaokang contain plant extract can continue to slow release sterilization, function on prostatitis inflammation, release of pain and prevention of infection, play an anti-bacterial anti-inflammatory effect. At the same time can be automatically degraded absorption, safe, non-toxic side effects. Products using a one-time drug delivery bolus injection, easy to use.

Medical antibacterial gel ZhenbaoKang is mainly applied to prostatitis, prostatic hypertrophy, hyperplasia caused by frequent urination, urgency, urethral burning, pain and dysuria etc.

 Antibacterial anti-inflammatory

Enhance immunity

No drug resistance

No side effects


Medical Antibacterial Gel (III)

Product general name:
Product name: ZhenbaoKang

Application: Suitable for adjuvant treatment of  Frequent micturition  , urinary urgency , urethral fever and pain and dysuria   caused by prostatitis, prostatic hyperplasia  etc.

Usage & dosage: The product is prostate biological dressing . Please use as following procedures or followed by doctor's advice. Please clean the anus before use. Remove the front cover of the pusher and insert the rear rod  from the back.  
Hold a squat position, insert the pusher deep into the anorectum or till produce a sense of urination, press the rod to push the gel into the rectum, take out and discard the pusher. One gel for each time and last for at least seven consecutive days use.

Specification:Type III: 3g/unit

1. Atopy Patient forbidden to use .
2. Immunocompromised patient with diabetes forbidden to use.

1. For rectal use only. Oral intake is prohibited.
2. The product is for one-off use and shall be destroyed or discarded  
after use. Damaged outer package prohibits use.
3. Small amount of colloidal material flow is normal during use.
4. Please keep the product out of the reach of children.  
5. Spicy food shall be avoided during use.

Storage: in shade, closed, cool and dry place.    

Expiry date: 2 years

Medical instrument registration certificate No.:Certification No.2640026  
issued by Anhui Food and Drug Administration in the year of 2014  
Medical instrument production permit number: AFDSILN 20140014
Manufacturer: Anhui Huike Bio-Engineering Technology Co., Ltd